Swedish Migration – a Historical and Contemporary Perspective

Linus P.B. Garp , Statistics Sweden
Tomas Johansson, Statistics Sweden

Statistics Sweden have detailed statistics on migration flows and stock populations since the early 1900s. This unique statistics makes it possible to describe the change of Swedish migration. From flow statistics can see which countries the foreign-born population came from and when and by using stock register we can specify the regions where they have settled. By visualizing this information with maps and graphs, we get a comprehensible overview of the Swedish migration history. Recently digitalized publications on migration flows and stocks make it possible to compare this migrant population data. By using this unique data sources, we will be able to show unique historical statistics of the size and structure of the foreign born population. This presentation, illustrate when the foreign-born population arrived and where in Sweden they settled. This presentation shows that the globalized world have had a distinguished impact on the migration in recent years and that immigration today is closely connected to different matters around the world, only in recent years we see a shift from people coming from the neighboring countries to refugees arriving from distant countries. We will see how our surrounding have affected the Swedish society, war, poverty and the dream of the quiet Swedish countryside have brought people from many countries to Sweden which we can see in this unique compilation of old and new statistics.

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 Presented in Session P3. Poster Session Migration, Economics, Environment, Methods, History and Policy