The Spillovers between Joint Family and Work Trajectories and Multidimensional Wellbeing

Chiara Ludovica Comolli , University of Lausanne
Laura Bernardi, University of Lausanne
Marieke Voorspostel, University of Lausanne

Informed by the life course perspective, this paper investigates how employment and family trajectories are jointly associated to two dimensions of wellbeing. The aim of the study is to measure how subjective wellbeing as well as relational wellbeing are related to the simultaneous occurrence and accumulation of critical events in both work and family domains across the life-course. We draw on data from the large-scale, nationally representative longitudinal Swiss Household Panel (SHP, 1999-2017). The survey offers 19 annual waves of detailed information on family and professional life course events and biographical retrospective information on the entire work, partnership and childbearing trajectories. Moreover, the data include detailed socio-demographic and background information and a variety of well-being indicators. We adopt a multichannel sequence analysis approach to identify and describe the trajectories jointly defined by labor market and family transitions for men and women separately. We then use OLS regression models to assess the association between those trajectories and wellbeing.

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 Presented in Session P1. Poster Session Fertility, Family and the Life Course