Housework Participation and Fertility Intentions in Taiwan: Wives Want More Kids If Their Husbands Do More Housework

Kamila Kolpashnikova , University of Oxford
Man Yee Kan, University of Oxford

Would more involvement of husbands into housework improve fertility intentions in Taiwan? Using the Taiwan Panel Study of Family Dynamics, we examine the association between wives’ and husbands’ housework participation on their own and their spouses’ fertility intentions, according to the expectations of the J-shaped post-Second Demographic Transition reversal in fertility rates and the gender revolution framework. Our panel data analysis shows that the effects are mostly evident among Taiwanese women but not men, who appear to lag behind on the gender revolution. Overall results show that more involvement into housework from husbands increase the fertility intentions among wives, but does not increase the fertility intentions among husbands.

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 Presented in Session 120. Gender Equality and Fertility