Indicators of Economic Dependency Using the National Transfer Accounts Results for EU Countries

Joze Sambt , University of Ljubljana
Tanja Istenic, University of Ljubljana

In the coming decades, the ageing of European population will continue at a rapid pace. The National Transfer Accounts (NTA) methodology breaks down the income and consumption by age to analyse impact of population ageing on economic sustainability and economy in general. This chapter uses fully comparable results of National Transfers Accounts (NTA) for 25 EU countries in 2010 to indicate the potential increase in dependency in the future given the current institutional setting. Next to the conventionally defined demographic dependency ratio we add 1) the NTA dependency ratio using the age patterns of production and consumption in the market and 2) the dependency ratio using age patterns of production and consumption originating from unpaid household work. We show that imbalances will originate from the impact of population ageing on market part of the economy. Further, imbalances will be coming from unpaid household work but of much lesser extent.

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 Presented in Session P2. Poster Session Ageing, Health and Mortality