Population Ageing and Its Economic Consequences in EU Countries: Analysis Based on National (Time) Transfer Accounts

Tanja Istenic , University of Ljubljana

In the coming decades, the European population will be older than ever before. Therefore, it is of great importance to measure and analyse the age decomposition of economic activities, such as income, transfers, consumption, and savings. The paper uses fully comparable results of National Transfers Accounts (NTA) for 25 EU countries in 2010 that are extended by including gender dimension as well as monetary values of unpaid household labour – i.e. the results of National Time Transfer Accounts (NTTA). Based on the combined NTA and NTTA data, we make a cross-country comparison of the effect of population ageing on the sustainability of the public finance systems; additionally, we propose possible strategies that could at least partially mitigate the effect of population ageing in the short term.

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 Presented in Session P2. Poster Session Ageing, Health and Mortality