Is Age Just a Number?Perception on Aging and Health Status in China

Juhua Yang, Renmin University of China
Yifeng Liu , Renmin University of China

This work explores the relationship between subjective aging and health outcomes in China. Data came from 7313 respondents aged 60 and older who completed the 2018 China Longitudinal Aging Social Survey. The relationship between subjective view on aging and health is assessed using bivariate analysis and multilevel modelling techniques. Respondents who think they are older than their calendar age, feeling old, looking old or have experienced life events signifying aging are all associated with a higher probability of being disabled, worse psychological health and lower capacity to use smart cellphone than otherwise, all else equal. Findings highlight that a positive subjective view on aging is positively associated with older adults’ health; however, not every indicator of perception on aging impacts health the same way, nor affects different indicators of health the same way. These findings suggest the importance to comprehensively understand the concept of aging in a more diversify era.

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 Presented in Session P2. Poster Session Ageing, Health and Mortality