Trends and Determinants of Women’s Life Satisfaction in Turkey

Dilek Dilek Yildiz , International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
Hilal Arslan, Hacettepe University Institute of Population Studies
Alanur Cavlin, Hacettepe University

Although gender inequality has been a major concern for most of the societies, the relationship between gender and happiness continues to be a puzzling issue in subjective well-being research. According to the Turkey Life Satisfaction Survey women on average are much happier than men. Despite inconclusive and differing relationship between gender and happiness across societies, we aim to contribute to recently growing area of research on demography and well-being by providing insights about the determinants of women’s happiness in Turkey. Turkey Demographic and Health Survey (TDHS) and World Values Survey (WVS) are used 1) to monitor the gender happiness gap across different socio-demographic groups 2) to identify determinants of women’s life satisfaction in Turkey, and 3) to investigate statistical methods to construct a detailed synthetic time series data set for life satisfaction of Turkish women.

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 Presented in Session P2. Poster Session Ageing, Health and Mortality