Impact of Climate Change on Human Health in India: Issues and Priority Concerns

Radhey S. Goyal , Himgiri Zee University

This paper analyses the impact of climate change on human health in India. It examines key aspects of climate change that are perilous to health of people, how these are mediating their reach and what their effects are. This research is based on secondary data culled out from reports, surveys and other publications. Impact of climate change is considered in the context of rise in earth’s temperature. Health outcomes related to communicable and non-communicable and nutrition are examined. Analysis notes that climate change is impacting health of people in several ways both directly and indirectly through increasing temperatures which in turn affecting rising sea levels, water and food supply impacts, extreme weather events like heat waves, excessive rains, floods, droughts, etc. Direct effect of environmental circumstances leads to diffusion of vector-borne, water-borne and cardiovascular diseases, respiratory allergies and malnutrition. Children, elderly and communities living in poverty conditions are most affected.

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