Does the Song Remain the Same? Health Gap by Education in Spain over the Last 3 Decades

Jordi Guma-Lao , Centre for Demographic Studies

Education is one of the most outstanding social determinants of health in the literature. Invariably, individuals in the lowest educational level have reported worse health outcomes respect to their counterparts with high education. However, less is known about possible changes over time in the magnitude of the health gap by education. The goal of this research is to explore the evolution over time of the magnitude of the health gap between educational categories in Spain, a country which has experienced large social changes in the last four decades. For this purpose, I analyze the Spanish population aged between 30 and 59 for the period 1987-2017. Preliminary results point to a reduction of the magnitude of the health gap between educational groups from 1987 to 2001, whereas it seems that values remain the same from 2001 to 2017.

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 Presented in Session 94. Educational and SES Differences in Health and Wellbeing Over the Lifecourse