The Instability of the Employment Paths and the Transition from/to the Neet Condition

Mauro Migliavacca , Università degli Studi di Genova
Alessandro Rosina, Università Cattolica, Milan
Emiliano Sironi, Università Cattolica, Milan

Using longitudinal data from the “Youth Project” (Rapporto Giovani), a representative survey devoted to the study of Italian young adults’ life course paths, this paper aims at addressing the determinants of changes in individuals’ employment status. In order to do this, we implemented two separate analysis (using a binary response regressions) in order to investigate respectively 1) the transition from the condition of NEET to the condition of No-NEET between 2015 and 2017 and 2) the transition from the condition of No-NEET to the condition of NEET in the same time window. Results display a significant effect of education in reducing the risk of becoming a NEET. Other interesting findings are related to the differences between men and women, in relation at the probability to get trapped in the NEET condition, and to the link between the life satisfaction and the probability to enter in the NEET condition.

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 Presented in Session P3. Poster Session Migration, Economics, Environment, Methods, History and Policy