Disparities in Health between Natives and Migrants by Duration of Stay: A Gender Perspectives in Italy

Eleonora Trappolini , Sapienza University of Rome
Cristina Giudici, UniversitĂ  di Roma "La Sapienza"

This is the first study which examines gender disparities in self-rated health, functional limitations and chronic illnesses, between natives and migrants by duration of stay, and within migrant groups, in Italy. This study contributes to published research on migrant health on Italy, analysing: whether gender differences persist within migrants, the existence of a migrant-native health convergence by duration of stay, whether the convergence pattern differs by gender. Using the latest Italian Health Survey, we perform multivariate logistic regression, and we compute predicted probabilities of the outcomes. Results show the existence of gender disparities in all outcomes considered between and within Italians and migrants, and a migrant-native health convergence which differs by gender. This study calls the attention to the lack of empirical evidence on the link among gender, migration and health, necessary to improve or develop migrants’ health policies. Furthermore, it contributes to a better understanding of the role of gender both on health and on the migrant-native health convergence.

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 Presented in Session 73. Immigrant Health and Mortality