Analyzing the Risk of Non-Live Births among Women since Last One Decade in India

Shubham Kumar, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS)
Rupam Bharti , Consultant

Pregnancy outcomes can be classified into two types as live births and non-live births. Non-live birth is a type of adverse pregnancy outcomes and it’s a collective term used to describe pregnancies that failed to produce a live birth. The objective of the study to analyze the risk factors associated with non-live births (stillbirth, miscarriage and abortion) among women in India with the help of NFHS third and fourth-round data. Non-live births have been compared on the basis of demographic and maternal information. Further, the likelyhood effect of stillbirth, miscarriage and abortion have been estimated by multiple logistic regression. Inequalities have found in a different segment of demographic and maternal characteristics. Data also found the higher odds for stillbirth among middle age group (OR= 1.17) compared with lower and higher age groups. The odds of stillbirth are twice among smokers (OR=2.72) than non-smokers.

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 Presented in Session P1. Poster Session Fertility, Family and the Life Course