Healthy and Active Life in Retirement Age: Case of Latvia

Juris Krumins , University of Latvia
Atis Berzins, University of Latvia
Aleksandrs Dahs, University of Latvia
Denize Ponomarjova, University of Latvia

Senior population groups are more affected by activity limitations and bad perceived health than population in active ages. Data for Latvia and the other Baltic States demonstrate a warning situation – the gap between life expectancy and the number of healthy and active life years is not diminishing as quickly as expected. Social and economic activity among elderly population is also not converging with the life expectancy figures. The aim of the study is to analyse preconditions and hindrances of the healthy and active life in pre-retirement and retirement population in Latvia, while using data for Lithuania and Estonia for comparative analysis. Research is based on Population Census, Eurostat and SILC data on national or regional level. Regression models are used to study causal links and relations between the underlying social and economic circumstances and the selected senior population activity indicators. Ethnic and professional background is considered among explanatory factors.

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 Presented in Session 82. Healthy Life Expectancies II