1. Fertility

101. Fertility Matysiak
102. The Role of Culture for Childbearing Matysiak
103. Consequences of Armed Conflict for Childbearing Matysiak
104. Fertility of Migrants Matysiak
105. Health and Fertility Matysiak
106. Gender Equality and Fertility Matysiak
107. Sex-Selection at Birth Matysiak
108. Social Inequality and Fertility Matysiak
109. The Relationships between Fertility and Mortality Matysiak
110. Fertility Intentions Matysiak
111. Labour Market Conditions and Fertility Matysiak
112. Effects of Economic and Political Uncertainty on Fertility Matysiak
113. Fertility Timing Matysiak
114. Childlessness Matysiak
115. Education and Fertility Matysiak
116. Fertility over Time and Space Matysiak
117. PopTalk Family and fertility in the changing world of work Matysiak

2. Families and Households

201. Challenges of Parenting Mynarska
202. Union Dissolution 1 Mynarska
203. Economic Precariousness and the Family Mynarska
204. Gender and Family Finance Mynarska
205. Relationship Development Mynarska
206. Union Dissolution 2 Mynarska
207. Singlehood and Relationships in the 21st Century Mynarska
208. Parenthood and Paid/Unpaid Work Mynarska
209. Children in Diverse Family Structures Mynarska
210. Family Values and Behaviour Mynarska
211. (Re)Production of Inequalities Mynarska
212. Consequences of Union Dissolution Mynarska
213. Flash Session Fertility, Family and the Life Course Sobotka

3. Life Course

301. Life Course Mikolai
302. Economic and Emotional Well-being across the Life Course Mikolai
303. Life Course: Linked Lives Mikolai
304. Life Course: Transition to Adulthood Mikolai
305. Intergenerational Linkages across the Life Course Mikolai
306. Life Course Influences on Physical and Mental Health Mikolai
307. Life Course influences on Children's Outcomes Mikolai

4. Ageing and Intergenerational Relations

401. Ageing and Intergenerational Relations Arpino
402. Policies for Ageing Populations Arpino
403. Mental Health of Older People Arpino
404. Inequalities in Care Received and Provided Arpino
405. Intergenerational Spillover Effects Arpino
406. Caregiving Arpino
407. Kin Availability at Older Ages and Its Consequences on Health Arpino
408. Social Networks and Social Support among Older People Arpino

5. Internal Migration and Urbanization

501. Internal Migration and Urbanization Tammaru
502. Family and Life Course Perspective on Internal Migration Tammaru
503. Urbanization and Mortality Tammaru
504. Skills, Labour Market and Internal Migration Tammaru
505. Migration and Spatial Change in Global South Tammaru

6. International Migration

601. International Migration Beauchemin
602. Immigrants' Health Beauchemin
603. Crisis-Driven Migration and Its Consequences Beauchemin
604. Immigrants' Socio-Economic Trajectories Beauchemin
605. Migration Measures: Methodological Issues Beauchemin
606. Out-Migration: Measures, Causes and Consequences Beauchemin
607. Multi-Sited Approaches of Migration Beauchemin

7. Migrant Populations

701. Migrant Populations Lubbers
702. Immigrants' Structural Integration I: Labour Market Lubbers
703. Naturalization and Citizenship Lubbers
704. Immigrant Health and Mortality Lubbers
705. Interethnic Union Formation and Dissolution Lubbers
706. Fertility in Migrant Populations Lubbers
707. Children of Immigrants Lubbers
708. Immigrants' Structural Integration II: Education Lubbers
709. Flash Session Migration and Migrants de Valk

8. Health, Wellbeing and Morbidity

801. Health, Wellbeing and Morbidity Barclay
802. Healthy Life Expectancies I Barclay
803. Global and Comparative Perspectives on Health and Mortality Barclay
804. Healthy Life Expectancies II Barclay
805. Health and Wellbeing in a Digital World Barclay
806. Obesity: Trends, Causes, Consequences Barclay
807. Early Life Conditions and Health Barclay
808. Health and Wellbeing of Migrants Barclay
809. Civil Status and Health Barclay
810. Linked Lives: Grandparents, Parents, and Children Barclay
811. Employment, Occupational Characteristics, and Health Barclay
812. Work-Life Balance, Parenthood, and Health Barclay
813. Influences on Cognitive Function in Later Life Barclay
814. Healthcare Screening and Utilization Barclay
815. Mental Health and Wellbeing Barclay
816. Educational and SES Differences in Health and Wellbeing Over the Lifecourse Barclay

9. Mortality and Longevity

901. Mortality and Longevity Zarulli
902. Infant and Child Mortality Zarulli
903. Mortality Models Zarulli
904. Family Dynamics and Survival Patterns Zarulli
905. Oldest Old Zarulli
906. Mortality Determinants Zarulli
907. Causes of Death and Morbidity Zarulli
908. National Trends in Life Expectancy and Mortality Zarulli
909. Disparities in Survival and Mortality Zarulli
910. Population Dynamics and Mortality Zarulli

10. Historical Demography

1001. Historical Demography Stanfors
1002. Health and Well-being of the Youngest: Infant and Child Mortality Stanfors
1003. Social Gradients in Mortality and Family Formation Stanfors
1004. Historical Family Demograhy Stanfors

11. Data and Methods

1101. Data and Methods Bijak
1102. Data and Measures. Session within the Project of Excellence of the Department of Statistical Sciences of Padova University Bijak
1103. Estimation Methods Bijak
1104. Life Tables and Applications Bijak
1105. Mortality Predictions Bijak
1106. Methods for Fertility and Life Course Analysis. Session within the Project of Excellence of the Department of Statistical Sciences of Padova University. Bijak
1107. Methods for Migration Research Bijak
1108. PopTalk Mortality Analysis and Statistics: still room for cooperation? Camarda
1109. New Frontiers in Population Research. Round Table of EAPS Working Groups. van Nimwegen

12. Economics, Human Capital and Labor Markets

1201. Economics, Human Capital and Labor Markets Aassve
1202. Gender Perspectives. Session dedicated to the memory of Antonella Pinnelli Aassve
1203. Ageing and Retirement Aassve
1204. Human Capital, Wealth and Inter-Generational Transmission Aassve
1205. Partner Formation, Union Dissolution and Consequences Aassve
1206. Immigration, Human Capital and Integration Aassve
1207. Unemployment and Labor Markets Aassve
1208. Perspectives of Immigration and Their Integration Aassve
1209. Aspiration, Education and Achievements Aassve

13. Policy Issues

1301. Policy Issues Vono de Vilhena
1302. Policies on Parental Leave Vono de Vilhena
1303. Linking Policies, Health and Mortality Vono de Vilhena
1304. Policies on Gender and Reproductive Health and its impacts on population trends Vono de Vilhena
1305. Flash Session Policy and Practice Falkingham

14. Development, Environment and Space

1401. Development, Environment and Space Jiang
1402. Health Consequences of Environmental and Climate Change Jiang
1403. Migration in a Changing Climate Jiang
1404. Demographic Transition and Environmental Change Jiang

16. Poster Sessions

1601. Poster Session Fertility, Family and the Life Course Wachter
1602. Poster Session Ageing, Health and Mortality Wachter
1603. Poster Session Migration, Economics, Environment, Methods, History and Policy Wachter